Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Was Shakespeare an Italian?

I don't know, but I think that Goomba might be related.

I mean, there I am, minding my own business, looking for real news on the web ... and I see this nice missive awarding a Golden, albeit stinking, Meatball Award to our favorite Moderate (hands over your hearts, please) senator, John McCain.

And delicately tucked in his quaint, little corner of cyber-space, I find this poignant passage portraying the plight of Sen. McCain:
"In his attempt to take the “middle ground”, John McCain is destined to slide into the big cosmic butt crack."
Graphic. Illustrative. Right on. Goomba.

If you haven't been following the awards extravaganza that is "The Golden Meatballs", please do check in at Nick's site.

Last year, I came in second to Ace for "Best Blog of the Millenium", as I recall. This year ... I am expecting a whole plate full. I do not recollect any limit on Meatballs. If so, it is surely in the penumbras. Would it be an extraordinary circumstance that would clear the way for a leftist filibuster of the ceremony if I were to haul in a half dozen or so Meatballs? I think not.

This I pledge ... A victory press conference upon my receipt of a Golden Meatball. Not to be presumptuous, or anything. But hey ...

For now, work and all manner of other duties press in. Judge Roberts will be fine. I like the docs being released. Looks like I am/was right about him. Relax conservatives. Tremble, ye who fear interpretation of the Constitution as originally drafted.

So, unless called to the podium by a surprise announcement of my Golden Meatball, I shall post again next week ... and maybe resume that cliff-hanger "Burglars" ... we'll see.