Thursday, July 14, 2005

Okay ... a couple of more questions ... Is there a Liberal in the house?

Okay, bear with me. I'm slow. The ways of the Left are strange to me, for I am but a Caveman Conservative. The questions are raised by the harrowing account of Hijacker #20 wearing a bra, dancing with another man, and behaving like a dog.

1) Since when is any of this a problem? Did it drive the poor jihadi mad? How do you drive a crazy person insane any way? Sorry, that was three, but ...

2) Is such conduct only a problem when Christian "religious extremists" object to it?

3) Would any liberal authorize such treatment to prevent another 7/7 ... or 9/11? If not, why not?

4) If the jihadis did not advocate death to America along with death to homosexuals, would they still be poster-boys for the Durbinite "human rights" cause?

5) Is supporting traditional marriage (you know, the man and woman deal) worse than advocating death for homosexuals? If so, why?

6) Can the Left abide all manner of despicable miscreants, as long as they hate America and the West? If not, please explain the silence of the Left in light of the well-known human rights outrages routinely committed by jihadis.

7) One last one: If not even a hint of a smile, nary a slight curl upward of your lips occurred when you heard that this he-man -- he who would courageously fly a plane with civilians, women, and children into a building -- donned a Cross-Your-Heart, please explain why. And if you have any moral outrage left in the tank on this one while they are still counting the dead in London, please do explain.

Okay, now I am done.

Now, in fairness, I would like to offer my response to Question #3. Here goes: Actually, I would be willing to run an all-night jihadi disco, and would personally spin the hits myself for as long as it took to break 'em. "Ah ... ah ... ah ... ah ... Stayin' Alive ... Stayin' Alive ..." And I would staff it with all the male personnel necessary to make sure that no jihadi had to sit out a particular dance. And ... I would be willing to cut in where necessary ... provided that I had my MOPP gear at the ready. So ... there you have it.

So now, your answers?