Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's Official: McCain Ruled too Stupid to be President

Okay, so there is not an intelligence test to be President. Go ahead, Lefties, make your GWB jokes. Ha. Ha. Whew! Man, them are funny. Except, Sen. Kerry, we now learn, apparently did not sign his Form 180 because, at least in part, his grades were worse the the President's. So, all you lefties voted for some one demonstrably not as smart as Pres. Bush. Now, aren't you proud?

I mean, when the guy slathered that orange paint on his face and became a racial flip flopper to look all tanned and ready for the first presidential debate, was there any doubt? But, you are getting me off point here. I digress. Where was I? Oh, yeah.

Let's come clean here. Sen. McCain is no rocket scientist. Now, he is a legislative mad scientist, as was made clear by his campaign finance "reform" legislation that gave the Demos a huge funding advantage and created the huge sucking sound of a loophole called "527s". Recall, too, that this is his Magnum Opus of legislative accomplishments. And now, the dreaded "reform" measure, like a Friday the 13th villian that won't die, is threatening bloggers, as the FEC ponders our fate.

So, as the Founding High Potentate and Supreme Ruler of Blogs For McCain's Opponent(s), I already had my doubts about his gray matter.

As for his politics, we know that Sen. McCain is not really a conservative. I mean, he can click his loafers together and say "There's no President like Reagan" all he wants. He is not a conservative. He is a Moderate -- hands over your hearts, please. He likes to raise taxes. He likes to regulate and meddle, even when the people who know better say forget it. Like the generals in Iraq. Moderates are equivocating meddlers who think they are more high-minded and smarter than the cavemen driven by ideology. Hence, they are operational allies with their kinfolk, the liberals.

And McCain loves to meddle with everything. All things are federal affairs -- baseball, steroids, what you can say about politics, how you spend your money, how movies are rated, etc.. It seems that McCain's foray into meddling with movie ratings, though, has now got him on the hot seat. And this is funny ... when imagined brilliance meets hypocrisy, and it is caught on film.

If you haven't been following this nice little brewing controversy, check out how the good senator has not got himself in a bit of hot water over appearing in a bare-breast fest of an R-rated movie. Hmmm. And this is odd, too, when juxtaposed against Sen. McCain's lectures to Hollywood about how it packages its garbage such that it will be opened by children.

In her column appearing in the Myrtle Beach Sun News (where was that second primary in 08, again?), liberal Susan Estrich asks:
Will the right laugh off the senator's latest cameo as just that [a bad joke]? Or will they ask what he was thinking when, having campaigned against R-rated films marketed to kids, he agreed to appear in one.

In the end, what may be at issue is not whether conservatives share McCain's sense of humor but whether they come to question his judgment.
Indeed. But Susan, I will answer the question for you. Yes, conservatives will question his judgment, because all conservatives will need in this regard is information. And with the new media, they will get it. Unless Sen. McCain regulates us out of business first, that is.

Programming Note: Okay, working the penultimate episode of "Burglars in the Neighborhood". Coming to a computer screen near you ... Due out Wednesday.