Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's Edith ...

Jones. That's what I have thought since the O'Connor retirement was announced. I have thought so, and even wonder still today as I hear the bantering in the press that the pick is actually going to be Judge Edith Clement of the Fifth Circuit.

We'll see. confirmthem.com is now reporting that credible sources are reporting a presidential Edith and Switch.

In either event, I am confident that Pres. Bush will make a good pick. He appears to have learned pretty much all of the lessons from the mistakes his father made. And he is a far better politician. He will make a pick that puts the Demos in a vice grip. And he will pick some one who will not change their make-up when then go to the pressure cooker of D.C., a la Justice Kennedy (remember ... he was Pres. Reagan's third pick for a vacancy that was supposed to be filled by Robert Bork).

A couple of final thoughts here ... First, the President reiterated today that he is going to appoint some one with the judicial philosophy he talked about in the campaign. And recall that he said then that he admired Justices Thomas and Scalia.

Now, recall that Judge Jones has been called the "female Scalia". And if that doesn't make your heart sing happy melodious tunes, by all means get that ticker checked out. And also, recall that the President has a soft spot for this hotter than Hades land that he and I call home. Yeay, a land that would not exist but for the invention of the air conditioner. And he is loyal. Edith Jones hails from here.

So, I am still holding to my hope and belief that it will be Judge Jones.

If it is not, and it is Judge Clement, than the President has made the judgment that she can and will get it done and the the political fallout for the Demos in pulling any shenanigans to keep her off the Court would be too much for them to bear. Landrieux, Byrd, and Nelson would be forced not only not to filibuster, but to vote for Judge Clement. It would be glorious to watch. Plus, she has some good enemies, too. I am not too worried about the comment about "settled law" and abortion. Wasn't separate but equal "settled", at least for a time?

So, either way, I am okay. But I still think it's Jones.

Update: Okay, I have survived the incoming fire of the email from Specter re: the confirmation hearings transcript for Judge Clement. It turns out that his staff sent it because of requests from a number of staffers. This all sounds like "Cool Hand Luke chili powder" to me. Again ... the President went out of his way today to say that he was going to fulfill the promise he made during the campaign, which was to nominate people like Scalia and Thomas. And ... this WH doesn't "leak", unless it has something to say (like, stop following false stories made up by partisan hacks). And why in the world would Pres. Bush's people leak the choice and steal the thunder from the announcement? Makes no sense. Based on what I know about the President and Darth Rove (a nomination of Jones first, with a fallback to Clement if trouble arose ... doubtful, but still ... makes perfect sense), Judge Jones will be standing up there with him tonight, and it is the right course both constitutionally and politically. Clement can/should be held in reserve. We will see.

Yet another update @ 3:10 p.m. CST: Looks like the nominee (based upon my analysis of the judicial and political landscape and knowledge of the players involved) will probably be: 1) a Texan; 2) a conservative; 3) some one who has been through the judicial/ideological wars and will not morph and "grow" in D.C. and 4) a woman.

That leaves two potential nominees: 1) Judge Edith Jones; and 2) yes ... (cue "Phantom of the Opera" score) Judge Priscilla Owen.

Oh, my. We will see. The exquisite irony of an Owen pick will cause me incalculable joy. I am still sticking with Judge Jones, but Justice Owen would work, too. Stay tuned and hold on tight ...

And ... one more thing. The President's decision to go prime time with the nomination and get out there before the pundits could carve up the nominee all day says, I think, that he wants to introduce this conservative nominee and go on offense for her before the critics start carving her up. So ... in sum, another reason for the Left to be afraid. But, we don't know for another 4-1/2 hours. We'll see ...

Another update @ 4:05 p.m -- Does any one know if Judge Janice Rogers Brown's middle name is Edith? Now ... here is another developing theme today ... If it's not Edith, then the ante will be upped. That is, the President will preemptively go to war again. Demos have said "It will be war" if Brown is nominated. Now, that would make for a fun summer, would it not? We will see. Then, I guess that Edith Jones could be the compromise candidate.

This just in ... Rove seen in full Sith regalia. Stand by ...

Update @ 4:25 p.m. -- More evidence that it's Jones, as suspected all along. Apparently the first Pres. Bush passed her over to nominate ... Souter. Yikes. Does the son atone? I think he will. Plus, I just know he would like her.