Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hey, somebody help me out here ...

You know, I am just a simple Texan and all, but ... how come ol' Slim Jim Cooper of Time can only now sing like a big fat, canary and tell us that Rove was his "source" when Rove long ago allowed Cooper to talk? And ... if Rove is the source, then why is Judith Miller still in jail?

Is there a person on the planet who thinks if the MSM had the goods on Darth Rove that they would not have leaked this during the election season? Crazy. The "source" is not Rove, and the MSM knows it. And the special prosecutor does, too.

That wily Texas boy is involved in a set-up alright. Except it appears he is the setter. Oh, my ... the horrah. And the Left ... the "set-ees". I sense a flanking maneuver, over by the S.C. building.

My sources (anonymous of course) tell me that a Texan will be appointed to the High Court. We will see.

But lefties ... stay away from that Sith Rove. He may be uglier than sin, but he will zap the fire out of you with that purple 'lectricity.