Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hey, I was wondering ...

With a "mounting insurgency", the deadliest attack on Americans since the beginning of the war, and the increased sophistication of enemy attacks and munitions, civilians killed by American bombs, is it time to "cut and run" ... from Afghanistan?

Well, we can't.

You see, I forgot. The Complain-All-the-Time-We-Hate-their-Commander-the-War-is-Illegal-But-we-Support-the-Troops-Anyway Caucus supported the invasion of Afghanistan. And ... Afghan elections are coming in September, hence the increased enemy activity. So, the Left will keep a stiff upper lip (the occasional mad rantings of Barbara Boxer notwithstanding) and argue we need to "stay the course." Pardon me while I laugh uncontrollably for a few minutes.

Whew. I am back.

Here is all you need to know about the Left's "support" of U.S. military intervention that actually kills bad guys: They support it when it is a political necessity, as Afghanistan was and is. You will recall that, once upon a time (i.e., just before the 2002 elections) many did the same in Iraq.

But what is interesting/funny to watch is that the arguments the Left makes for "cutting and running" from Iraq could very well be made in Afghanistan. But, the the Principled Ones won't/can't make this argument. Because it would be political suicide.

And suicide is not a good plank upon which to build a movement. Speaking of which ...

In the other part of this troublesome neighborhood, it appears that jihadis are now targeting Arab envoys. This is an interesting strategy, which shows just how inevitable the jihadis appear to believe a stable Iraqi government really is. I mean ... embassies? Is the Egyptian embassy really that critical to the Iraqis? I guess you take what targets you can actually get.

I wonder, too, if the jihadis have weighed the costs of attacking Americans. Does the PR they get from al Jazeera and the Left not outweigh their own mounting body count? Can a jihadi not get a break, man? Maybe they should have watched closer to see how that 2000 election deal came out.

The Left should recall how these elections keep coming out, too.