Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Did you know that Judge Roberts' mom is named Edith?

Okay, I was wrong. But happily so ... Man, I have said many times that Pres. Bush will be fine on this. He has consistently done everything he said he would do. Judge John Roberts is a fabulous choice. He was just confirmed two years ago to the D.C. Circuit ... and easily.

By nominating Roberts, the President lays the groundwork to potentially elevate Roberts to Chief when CJ Rehnquist retires. At that point, maybe we get Edith ... as in Jones. Or Luttig.

But regardless of what lies ahead -- and we can expect the Party of Extraordinary Circumstances to push back -- Pres. Bush unsurprisingly kept his word.

And when the Left pushes back ... I expect the President to do more of the same.