Friday, July 08, 2005

But do they like it hot?

As I have said many times here, I am a firm believer in the free exchange of ideas. All have been and remain welcome to comment here. I have also visited other sites with differing viewpoints and have tried to engage in the free flow of ideas. But frankly, dialoguing with the Left is like beating one's head against a brick wall, except it's less productive.

One particular Leftist that I have been exceedingly patient with is ... our old pal Charlie, who has consistently insulted me and all things conservative throughout the entire time that I have tried to dialogue with him.

Take a look at the recent thread where I was "dis-invited" from commenting at Charlie's place. Incidentally, I provide this to you as a public service, because there are only about five raging leftists who regularly read Charlie's site, and normal people would never know of it otherwise.

So, here is Charlie's send-off:
"Well, little Daisy, let me cordially invite you to eat a steaming pile of shit before leaving this site, never to return."
Actually, he made me chuckle. And my response? Here it is:

Okay, so this is my swan song. I see that my "healthy dissent" is too much for the sensibilities of you ladies. So, I will make it count, as this little site degenerates to a very boring, echo chamber ... But is does have a niche ... "Lie ... lie ... lie ... lie ... (bouncing off walls).

PW, pretty much every one was able to come back to my site and answer the mail. Except you ... Because even this little exercise scares you. And you would certainly be a lot more polite if we were face to face.

If you don't have the facts when called on your exception-proving-rule anecdotes, guys, don't get mad at me.

And ... we're all sinners. We're all prone to lie. It's just that you are ensnared in an ideology/philosophy that requires you to lie to continue on in some semblance of sanity. Or you try other things. Maybe you are the exceptions to the Leftist rule. But the rule is demonstrably true.

What you call "healthy dissent" is no more than cowardly back-patting. The second some one pushes back (even here in the blogosphere), you cry foul.

You know, PW, I can't believe you said what you did, because one time some one was spreading vicious lies about you, saying you eat "Defication Burgers". It was horrible. I took up for you ... "He is allergic to wheat," I said. And it stopped. I am hurt. But I press on ...

But ... Charlie and his ilk can still slip across my "open borders" and comment. I will not require them to maintain certain diet restrictions to do so. Of course, our little band of conservative "Minute Men" shoots 'em up pretty good when they wander in here. They need to suck it up. No one is armed with anything other than words, here.

Programming Note: No more posts until early next week, when "Burglars in the Neigborhood" returns. Stay tuned for the Half-Delegate's hearty encouragement for the Captain of the Force: "Yes, I support you and your men, Captain. And yes, you are carrying out the crime of the century. I don't want you to succeed, but get on with it. I support the troops."