Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Burglars in the Neighborhood" -- Part I

Note: This DC exclusive mini-series is inspired by those contend that Pres. Bush is a “war criminal, that the Iraq War is “illegal”, “unjust”, “the wrong war at the wrong time”, “ill-advised”, etc., but nonetheless claim they “support our troops.”

This series is fictional, but it is based upon current events. Any resemblance between any character herein and/or between current world events is not designed to impugn the patriotism of any Leftist … as we know that the Left loves the military, “supports the troops” and it is completely outlandish to even imply otherwise.

Some time ago, in a land not foreign there was a Supreme Commander. Half of the land they liked him; but half of the land, they did not. The Supreme Commander encountered a difficult decision, for the land had been ransacked by criminals living in a region far away and to the east. These criminals had engaged in a crime spree like none ever before seen in the land. The criminals broke into homes in the land, ransacked the property, and killed those inside. This string of deadly burglaries left the people of the land in shock. As a result, the nation’s view of crime was changed. Now, more dramatic measures were considered and needed.

So, the Supreme Commander sent some of his best and finest crime fighters to the east to locate and kill these dangerous criminals. This particular mission was successful. However, word later came that another potential crime spree was being plotted in yet another neighborhood in the east. The particular criminal that ran this neighborhood had been a Menace for many years. The Menace ruled his own land with an iron fist, and he was brutal to all, to those inside and out of his neighborhood. Given his avowed hatred for the people of the land and his stated intention to develop deadly weapons to be used against the land and its allies, there was concern throughout the world. This concern was made worse by the previous crime spree, too.

The leaders of the world gathered to discuss, once again, the problem posed by the Menace from the East. It was agreed that there were many problems with the Menace remaining in control of his neighborhood, including his potential to aid or form alliances with the first bunch of criminals who had struck the land. Also, there were many other reasons discussed for ridding the world of the Menace, both within the land and without. It was even thought that removing the Menace-criminal could, in fact, create a movement for law abiding behavior in the east. Even the Half Who Did not Like the Supreme Commander agreed that the Menace, he was a Menace. Some said this for fear of the people in the land, but they said it, nonetheless. The League of Many Lands, too, wrote many eloquent treatises about dangers posed by the Menace. The League concurred: He was a Menace. Yet, the Menace ... he would not respond to treatises. Even strongly worded ones. The League of Many Lands said that they would do something about the Menace, if he did not stop being a Menace. They even said they really meant it. But the Menace, he would not stop.

So, after consulting with Those Who Wait But Have Good Hair, the Supreme Commander sent his best and finest crime fighters to the east to stop the Menace. At first, there were some complaints from some in the League of Many Lands. But in the land itself, there was virtual unanimity -- the Menace, he must go.

The mission to locate and bring the Menace to justice started well, and the land's crime fighters quickly made progress against the Menace's forces. But eventually, the pursuit of the Menace and his crime family got tougher. It remained that way, even after the Menace himself was captured. Some in the land began to grumble, for things in the land they happened quickly, or not at all.

The Half Who Did Not Like the Supreme Commander, too, began to complain. "See?," they said. "This trip to get the Menace was a diversion from the real war on crime. The real war on crime is further to the east. For there, the Mother of All Menaces, she still runs free." The Supreme Commander has made an awful mistake, they said. Some even argued that the treatises by the League of Lands did not authorize such an operation in a faraway land, and the the operation itself was illegal.

After some time, the Half Who Did Not Like the Supreme Commander sent a Delegate to the Supreme Commander's crime fighting force. This Half-Delegate reached the gate to the neighborhood. The battle was raging inside, for he could hear it. He rang the bell outside.

The Captain of the Force came to the gate and greeted the Half-Delegate cordially. The Half-Delegate was very respectful, as well. The Captain asked the reason for the visit. The Half-Delegate said, "I have come to convey my deep respect for your work in fighting crime, and I wish to tell you that I and the rest of the Half Who Do Not Like the Supreme Commander ... they, we all support you. " The Captain replied, "Great. That's good to hear. It's important for us to know that the people of the land are behind us."

"Only, it is important for you to know this one thing," the Half-Delegate said. The Captain looked in anticipation. "We do not support the Supreme Commander, and we believe that you have been sent on a very ill-advised mission," the Half-Delegate explained. The Captain was now very perplexed, and he asked, "So, then should we just come home? This is hard work, and we pride ourselves in not only serving the people of the land but in also doing what is right and lawful. We have sworn an oath to this effect."

"No, you must continue on in this mission. It is true that it is a waste of time, but really it is better now that you continue killing and being killed," the Half-Delegate explained. The Captain sat speechless. "You can't stop now" the Half-Delegate said. "The Supreme Commander has created a mess. You must continue."

The Captain, confused and distressed, wondered what he would tell his men. He turned to leave. And then, the Half-Delegate said, "Wait, Captain. I do have something to share with you that will surely lift your spirits." The captain hopefully looked at a box that the Half-Delegate handed to him. "It's a box of chocolates and bug spray," the Half-Delegate explained.

"Oh, thanks," the Captain said. And then he shrugged and went to meet with his men.

To be continued ...