Friday, July 01, 2005

Before I go ... A couple of more questions ...

Photo courtesy of AP.

Well, it looks like the "president-elect" of Iran is a terrorist. At least that's what a number of former American hostages are saying. He was, at a bare minimum, involved in planning the anti-American uprising that kicked off what is now become a quarter-century battle with Islamic Fascism.

So, Iran's president is a terrorist. Curiously, Iran has boxed itself into an intellectual "gulag" by denying his involvement. I mean, what's the big deal guys? Right? Raz-Some-Johnny the Moderate (hands over your hearts, please) was a former cohort of Khomeini, for crying out loud.

But ... I have a question. Okay, a couple. For the Left.

Query: Is he, the former torturer/interrogator of the Islamic state and apparent terrorist hostage-taker, a "war criminal"?

Follow up: And if so, will you still support his troops?

I mean, they will in all likelihood be arrayed against Americans and the West.

Ah, I hear a chuckle or two. (New technology at work). Let me explain, particularly to the Leftist readers who are lurking. This humor deal, you see, it's kinda hard to figure. But ... a lot of good humor has an element of truth in it. Like, if you call me an idiot. That's kinda funny. But not near as funny as when I call you one. Understand?

By way of further explanation of why so many of us listen to the Left's pronouncements of all things related to foreign affairs only for comedic relief, please consider the words of the greatest conservative columnist alive. It pains my red, white, and blue heart to admit this, but the best columnist going is a Canadian. He is Mark Steyn.

Thanks to the Great One for pointing me to this tremendous interview with Steyn.

Here is the quote I want you all to ponder in light of my foregoing questions:
There are two malign trends of the last four decades, and in the war on terror they’ve merged. For the far left, the issue is always America. So, if America's destabilizing some Marxist-Leninist socialist utopia the left takes the side of the Marxist-Leninist socialist utopia. Likewise, if America's at odds with misogynist racist homophobic theocrats, the left takes the side of the sodomite-beheaders and the freelance clitorectomy performers. That’s entirely consistent once you realize it’s simply a choice of United States vs [Your Name Here].
Oh, Canada. Right on, Steyn.

I am off for the holiday weekend. Feel free to send your comments and emails, but ... moderation (small "m") will be light over this grand weekend as we celebrate freedom in this great nation of ours. God bless America. (Sound of screeching moonbats and flapping wings.)

Now, that only conservatives are left ... See you early next week as we celebrate America.