Monday, June 20, 2005

Reporting from the Gulags ...

Yes, it's true. I spend time at them often. It is difficult to stomach. Yet, I press on.

The gulags ... of ... yes ... it is horrifying even to speak of them ... but ... they are Houston, Texas intersections.

You will recall Dick Durbin's description of the Gulag-like conditions at Guantanamo Bay: "Not only was the temperature unbearably hot, but extremely loud rap music was being played." You see, as is often the case when sitting at interminable red lights in Houston in the summer, it is just hot. I mean, even with the AC running full blast, it is just uncomfy. And then some carload of kids pulls up playing rap music so loud. It just thumps. I can feel my windows pulsating. I hate rap.

It's just torture.

Isn't it?

You know, this would almost ... almost ... be funny if Durbin's conduct were not so reprehensible. Pathetic. Disgraceful.

The essence of Durbin's unpatriotic comments, yes unpatriotic comments, is captured in the recent gem of a column by Mark Steyn. Read it.

In noting the horrific historic incongruency of his comments, Steyn appropriately begins: "I am not questioning Dick Durbin's patriotism, at least not for the first couple of paragraphs. Instead, I'll begin by questioning his sanity."

Later, Steyn turns to the subject of patriotism, which hard-left Demos are so very touchy about. To be fair, we don't know what's in their hearts. But the comments lead to a result that is decidedly anti-American. How can Durbin not understand this? Stein explains:
The senator from Illinois' comparisons are as tired as they're grotesque. They add nothing useful to the debate. But around the planet, folks naturally figure that, if only 100 people out of nearly 300 million get to be senators, the position must be a big deal. Hence, headlines in the Arab world like "U.S. Senator Stands By Nazi Remark." That's al-Jazeera, where the senator from al-Inois is now a big hero -- for slandering his own country, for confirming the lurid propaganda of his country's enemies. Yes, folks, American soldiers are Nazis and American prison camps are gulags: don't take our word for it, Senator Bigshot says so.

This isn't a Republican vs Democrat thing; it's about senior Democrats who are so over-invested in their hatred of a passing administration that they've signed on to the nuttiest slurs of the lunatic fringe. It would be heartening to think that Durbin will himself now be subjected to some serious torture. Not real torture, of course; I don't mean using Pol Pot techniques and playing the Celine Dion Christmas album really loud to him. But he should at least be made a little uncomfortable over what he's done -- in a time of war, make an inflammatory libel against his country's military that has no value whatsoever except to America's enemies. Shame on him, and shame on those fellow senators and Democrats who by their refusal to condemn him endorse his slander.
Indeed. Where are the so-called "moderate" Democrats? Where is Sen. Ben Nelson? Where is Mark Pryor? Where are the Democrat bloggers who love their country more than party? Does every Democrat agree that silence is the appropriate response? Every Democrat? Is there not one who will be their John McCain and break ranks to stand against the party leadership?

And, oh yeah, where is John McCain? He usually has little difficulty finding a camera or a microphone. What gives? What apparently gives is that Durbin is his buddy and accomplice in mangling our free-speech rights in the name of campaign-finance reform.

And if you think this outrage is just a partisan thing, read Durbin's comments to a servicemember serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Gitmo. No, I will tell you what ... here's an idea for a little punishment/test: Let's have Durbin go there and read them to the troops.

But that wouldn't work. The troops undoubtedly wouldn't get or buy Durbin's nuanced distinction that he is really just criticizing the President. They understand, as all who have served do, that troops are responsible to obey and carry out only lawful orders. In fact, our troops are not to obey an unlawful order. So, if Durbin argues that they are torturing terrorists at the Administration's behest, he is implicating the troops, also.

Durbin is on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He knows this.

To make matters worse, the troops know that Durbin's allegations that they are "torturing" and mistreating jihadis at Gitmo is worse than rap. It's garbage.

So, Durbin can't and won't make this argument to our troops.

Because it would get hot. And that would, I guess, be torture.