Tuesday, June 28, 2005

One Year of Daisy Cutter

Well, let's face it. In the realm of human accomplishment, blogging for a year ain't much. I realize this. And please, people, what happens here has nothing to do with courage. There's lots of more important things going on in the world, I do realize. But, humor me. Please.

Because, yes, it's true ... One year ago, I launched this project with this post.

I know it wasn't much, but my comments at the time about my suspicions regarding the "captured" Marine turned out to be prescient. Of course, my post was not as prescient as Goomba's comment, predicting that the blog would become a hit. Of course, that maniac Goomba made his "prediction" six months after I started. But still ...

If you are new to this blog, maybe you haven't figured it out yet. That's okay. Perhaps I can help with this post.

Yes, I do acknowledge that there have been a number of different type of posts. Some have been deadly serious. Some have been light-hearted. But the message has remained constant.

And I have enjoyed it all. Ah, the election season was quite a ride.

Remember when ... in examining Kerry's Viet Nam medals, we found photographic evidence supporting the Swift Vets. Then, I was right on the story of the alleged tampering with Kerry's face by the Dept. of Homeland Security. Also, I was one of the first blogs to provide evidence that, yes, Democrats are dumber than dirt. With exclusive coverage, our crack staff also followed Kerry around and got his candid comments upon meeting a young Bush supporter in Florida. And I think I was also one of the first to ask: Why was it so bad to put panties on their heads?

Furthermore, I believe that I was the first to report the blockbuster news that, like me, Herman Munster had endorsed Pres. Bush.

So much fun ... so little time. Their desperation mounting, the enemies of free speech targeted the Cutter.

Yet, I survived the attempted hack job. After finding moonbat feces in my template, and with the help of the Homeys with Attitude, I was able to beat back the hackers before they turned me into hieroglyphics. But Goomba was not so lucky. However, I led the investigation and search that located and identified the culprits. Later, we stormed the workspace of the hackers and broke up the ring.

I am also proud of how I reached out to this blog's moonbat readership. The Cutter has always had open borders ... and my open comments policy has been stretched to the limit at times. For instance, I survived a 38-comment firefight with "Pussguzzler" and various levels of outrageous commentary by leftists. In the end, though, the combative commentary has been often humorous and almost always instructive.

And, of course, a review of this past year would not be complete without a mention of my retelling of the greatest joke of all time. To make that link make sense, let me start from the beginning. There was this kid. He made straight A's ... Just kidding. We press on.

This reminds me. I was told by some nitpicking commenter a while back (a liberal) that I say "press on" too much. I am, of course, responsive to constructive criticism from all quarters. Pressing on ...

Looking back, I am really glad to have participated in bringing awareness to John Kerry's still-unatoned for betrayal of America's military during Viet Nam. He was indeed unfit for command. Ye olde timers will recall my 36-day march through The New Soldier. It began with this post. And it ended on Election Eve, with this blast.

As for what I have written here, my personal favorites are, well, you know I love pressers. I also like the fact that the libs complain that I call on the Fox female reporters too much. What can I say? Maybe we'll have some more of these.

But seriously, as for posts, some of my favorites to write were this family D-Day remembrance, and a look at some of the great people that live around me. Also, the following two posts were especially meaningful to me: my thoughts on Scrooge and, of course, the Memorial Day Address.

Writing about things that matter remains a labor of love for me.

All of this reminds me: What have you liked or disliked? What would you like to see more of? Less of? I read all your comments and emails. So, if you have some suggestions, fire away. One reader emailed that the black background is hard on the eyes. What do you think? Would you still love me if I weren't black?

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your links and your comments. A lot of what happens here happens "below the fold", so to speak. It is fun to sit back and watch. A lot of commenters say things better than I do, and certainly from a different angle. Sometimes things get hot, and perhaps some say things in a way I wouldn't. Well, that's a by-product of the "open borders" comment policy that allows opinions in here that I vehemently disagree with, in the first place.

So, if you can't stand the heat of diverse opinions, read the NY Times.

I could spend some time thanking Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Reynolds for their links, and Hugh especially for his inspiration. But they don't read any way. One thing that Hugh said, though, in his book, "Blog" that caught my attention. He reasons that the thousands of blogs, each with their own spheres of influence, are powerful ... each operating in places that others can not. So, I take heart in that.

And if I can be just a small part of spurring people on to do something to better this great land, then ... wonderful. By the way, guess what you find when you Google "Sen. McCain's accomplishments".

Finally, I would like to thank those who have stopped by here and lent me their time and support. The most valuable resource that we have is our time, and I appreciate each of yours. At the risk of leaving out people (I apologize in advance), I would especially like to thank the following for making this first year rewarding for me: Jeremy, for your advice, technical support, and blog friendship; JulieB, my scandalous "blogchild", for your steadfast friendship and honest comments and emails; Mark and Rhod -- aka "the interlocking fields of fire" -- for joining the fray and making this a better blog, but most imporantly for your service and love of country; Gaye Hager, for your blog friendship and for my stickers that sit proudly on my bookshelf; Jess, for being a good guy, whether you turn into a conservative or not; to PW, for pitching nice batting practice in the comments, and seriously, for continuing to read; to my brother Michael, for your faithful support of not only this blog but the conservative blogosphere in general; to Betty Bunker and KHix, people who know me here and in real life, thanks for keeping an eye on me and the blog, and KHix, thanks for being "the Conscience of the Blog". You're not a former KKK member, Kevin, but you'll do. And ... last but certainly not least, thanks to Nick, for your friendship, incredible talent, wit, and sense of humor. You can wear my "string tie" as a thong any time, big guy. And ... you can't do a carrier qual to save your life, but what do you expect from the Air Force?

To my lefty readers who lurk and stay mad at me ... keep reading and have the courage to face where you need to change. Keep an open mind and know that I wish you no personal ill will. It's about your ideas.

And speaking of ideas ... I still believe in the free exchange thereof. My faith is big enough. The country is big enough. Plus, I believe my ideas are right and that I will win in the arena of ideas. And to the extent I am wrong, I hope some one will show me and that God will give me the grace and courage to face the truth.

In sum, truth does well ... even on an uneven playing field. And when the playing field is level ... we have what is known as rapid progress.

So, let's get on with it.

Photo courtesy of JulieB.