Friday, June 10, 2005

An Ominous Message for Democrats ...

from Dick Morris. Oh, my. Dick paints a bleak picture for Democrat senators in deep red states (there are 11 such Demos, as compared to only 3 Republicans in deep blue territory). The horrah.

The bottom line: The Deep Red Demos are in deep doo doo. Their options: Behave more like Ben Nelson, or have elections like Tom Daschle in '04. I like those options.

This is not to say that the Republicans are perfect and/or don't have some challenges on their hands. Indeed, they must address the growing immigration problem, control spending, and get conservatives nominated to the S.C. and other appellate courts. Plus, they need to do all of the foregoing in a way that builds the party and attracts minorities. These are no small tasks. But they would be much harder if the Republicans were simutaneously facing extinction.

Like the ol' Kleagle. Sen. Byrd appears in serious trouble in WV, according to Morris. Hence, he finds himself voting for formerly-filibustered "extremists" like Priscilla Owen. Cue pity fiddle. No, cue laugh track.

And check out this deep drive of a quote ... way back ... deep into the stands ... by Morris:

But Byrd needs beating for a host of other reasons. His defense of the filibuster was natural, since it was he who conducted a lonely 14-hour attempt to kill the 1964 Civil Rights Act by talking until he almost dropped. He stays in office by being a pork-barrel machine who waxes eloquent, at the same time, on the perils of deficit spending.

If he is the Senate’s conscience, the body is in deep trouble.

You don’t have to be a Republican to like Capito, just somebody interested in restoring a modicum of integrity, intellectual and otherwise, to the once-august United States Senate.

Blogs for Byrd's Opponent (Capito), any one? Don Surber, where are you?

Note: Will try to resume normal format next week ... with an early-week column and a mid-week brief update.

See you next week.