Sunday, June 26, 2005

The more things change ...

Thirty-four years later ... and the two men pictured above are still about the same business that they were then -- undermining the American military while hostilities are ongoing.

I had some insightful comments that were so good ... that Blogger ate them. But let's get down to it:

1971: Kerry, a future senator from Massachusetts, argues in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and in his written betrayal of the American fighting man that we are losing in Southeast Asia, we can't win, our troops are torturing the enemy, and engaging in rampant war crimes.

His friend, Sen. Kennedy of Massachusetts, along with the rest of the American Left, applauds.

America then withdraws from Southeast Asia. The Left cheers. Thousands die in Viet Nam, and skulls pile up in Cambodia. The Left's conscience apparently seared ... or were its eyes blinded? ... at any rate, it sits silent. In fact, the Left spends the next 20 years arguing that communism isn't really that bad.

Pres. Reagan and others that beg to differ are pictured as naive cowboys, buffoons, not ready for elite-time.

2005: Sen. Kennedy of Massachusetts argues that we are losing in Iraq, that we can not win, that we are torturing prisoners ...

The Left is trying to both prophesy and fulfill the prophecy.

Will we let them get away with this again?