Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Face of Moderation

The "Gang of 14" ... they are really something, aren't they? I mean, Sen. Byrd said they "saved the republic". That may be a little extreme, and we definitely understand that moderates wish that we avoid all forms of extremism, certainly. But the "Gang of 14" to the left on the page ... that would be "Blogs for McCain's Opponent" ... may yet do just that. Oh, sweet irony. Your return causes me to skip through the wildflowers and sing gaily like a little girl.

But ... we aren't going to stop at 14.

What is so cool about being a "moderate" any way? Just wondering. When I get to the latest thin book I am reading (that would be: "Moderates Who Signed the Declaration of Independence") I will get back to you on this. Maybe I will get some insight by then.

I mean, we mustn't be extreme on things like ... God, country, and liberty. Thank God for the extremists who believe in such things and are are fighting for America as as we speak. And no, you moderate nitpickers, that doesn't mean that every American fighting man is God-fearing. I understand that. But I am tired of you moderates trying to use exceptions to make rules. Try to get the concept, moderates ... let it soak in. Feel the healing. Better? I thought so.

Okay ... while we are waiting for some real material on this here blog ... how about a caption for the pic above? (by the way ... h/t to Goomba, Nickie for the nice snap of the Modfather having an extreme makeover. And ... thanks Nick for "walking point" and being at the top of our McCain Opp. blogroll to take the FEC fire for us. And, I know you want to give me the credit, but this "Blogs for McCain's Opponent" was a great idea that you had. I am sure that Sen. McCain will have a moderate response for your conduct.

So, back to the captions. I was thinking, something like ... "I seem to have a moderate amount of gas." But hey, do you have any ideas?