Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dick Dean "apologizes", so ... can't we just all get along?

I saw that Dick Dean "apologized". Whew, I feel better. Don't you? I mean, Sen. McCain said that Durbin did "the courageous thing" and that we can now put the whole matter behind us.

This reminds me ... Send me an email to join Blogs for McCain's Opponent.

Durbin's apology means nothing to me. It means nothing to the Americans putting their lives on the line for his lily white one. It is a joke. Try this: "Honey, to the extent you were offended ... and to my children ... if you were offended by my running off with my secretary ... I apologize. I mean ... I told you last week that I had a good reason for it. I mean, you missed the point. I was pushed into it. And my marriage is really tough. Plus, I had to apologize, because dear you are making my life a living hell.

Notice that Dick didn't say he did anything wrong. Because he doesn't think he did. The English language fails me as I try to put into words the contempt I hold for Durbin's becoming al Jazeera's poster boy at the expense of our troops.

And his defenders are worse. Not. One. Democrat. Senator. Said. A. Word.

Hey, remember when Trent Lott finally apologized about waxing nostalgic for the good ol' racist days? Didn't every one feel better? I can't seem to recall.

And, by the way, what eventually happened to ol' Trent? Some one remind me.

You Demos need to go answer these questions, and get back to me.