Thursday, June 30, 2005

Demos Gone Wild ...

Just wanted to share this nice comment thread with you. Because, if I didn't, no one other than about 5 leftists would know about it.

The following commentary from Charlie is especially good: "It is DC's fault, Julie. He should be more of a steward at his own site. He refuses to do that, though. He lets jackasses run amock, as long as they agree with him and kiss his ass."

PW wants to regulate my site. Actually, he wants to regulate everything, but that is another subject ...

I straightened PW out by noting: 1) I have been too lenient on jackasses (Democrats). Dang, I mean I have been patient. They have been allowed here and spewed their nihilistic tripe without my getting ugly with them ... or, doing to them what is routinely done to me and other conservatives on lefty sites; and 2) with the foregoing said, I try not to be too friendly to the asses (Demos), that is, "kissing" them, so to speak.

PW is very funny at times. Like when he gave Rhod the moniker "Savior Thesaurus" yesterday. It was just prior to PW releasing the f-bomb and peeling off on his broom into the clouds. It was a mighty stroke for leftism.

But seriously ... the lefty readers need to take a deep breath and face the truth of what you believe and stand for. Don't expect me to offer you a boo-boo band-aid when a veteran gets crotchety with you for your espousing of anti-American rhetoric.

None of you come back here and answer substantive questions. Instead, you run off to your caves and talk about how "hateful" and what a bunch of "big, bad meanies" we are.

PW, knowing me like the back of his hand, explains my acquiescence to the torture of leftist commenters at this blog: "Then, he hides behind, "the commentors are only expressing their own opinion, not mine" . . . even if he might object privately." No, that is not right. What I have said is, some may say things differently ... even better than I do. Some may say things in a way that I wouldn't say it. But I am interested in the substance. I have said this many times: The same freedom that allows you lefties in here allows conservative commenters the right to call you on your foolishness.

If you want to be taken seriously, then think and act seriously.