Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Couple of Questions ...

The President mentions 9-11 in his speech and the Left/Demos/Same Thing are mouthing talking points as soon as he leaves the podium ... "He is linking 9-11 to Saddam Hussein", etc. The only problem is ... I watched a replay of the speech, and the President didn't say any such thing.

What he did say is that Iraq is part of a larger struggle in what he calls the "War on Terror". We all know he means the War on Islamic Fascism ... what I have called the War on Jihad. The enemy we are fighting is identifiable -- they are Islamic fascists.

The President's speech seems to have been well-received by those who saw it, as opposed to getting the MSM or Demo run-down of what was said.

And the Demos/MSM/Left/same thing are apoplectic that the President referenced 9-11 and made the obvious connection between our enemies then and now. Why the angst? I have a couple of questions ...

Bin Laden said that "the Third World War is raging" in Iraq. Query: Is he right? This sounds like what the legal types call a "declaration against interest".

And why didn't the foregoing OBL quote make it into a Michael Moore movie? And why do we need to read a Kennedy/Durbin quote all the way to the end to see if it was made by Zarqawi? Well, in part, because Zarqawi quotes Kennedy, but ... sorry, I answered my own question, at least in part.

But ... speaking of Zarqawi, I was wondering ... how come all the al Qaeda types in Iraq? I mean, were they there before? Oops, I guess that would be a problem. At any rate, I understand that a number have come in from various countries. Are they lost? Why do they keep launching suicide bomber attacks?

Has any one bothered to tell al Qaeda, the architects of 9-11, that Iraq has nothing to do with them?

I mean, they could go home. Could we please get Zarqawi on the horn?

Can we agree that the "War on Terror" is against Radical Islam? Agreed? Okay then. Can we agree that al Qaeda is a group of Islamic militants? That they want to destroy America and the West? Agreed.

Okay. Can we agree that al Qaeda, who attacked us in 9-11, is now fighting us in Iraq?

So, what does al Qaeda know that the Demos/Left/Same thing are not telling us?