Wednesday, June 22, 2005

At the ball game Tuesday night. Astros vs. Rockies. Went with the boys. A great time was had by all, as the good guys won, 6-5. However, the evening was made perfect as Rockies' slugger Todd Helton fouled a ball into the seats just behind third base. We watched the ball as it headed toward us. Alas, it began to drift just past us when ... clank ... it hit the facade above us.

And then (insert sound of hard object hitting coconut) ... off a guy's head sitting across the aisle ... seems he reacted to the change of direction just a split second late ... and then into my laughing, 14-year-old son's hand. Nice catch.

First Aid people soon surrounded the poor guy. Looked like they were trying to get him to sign some kind of release and say he was okay. Guys behind us were knocking back brews and telling the guy to squeeze a ball or something out of the team. But he didn't. And he was okay. He was just embarrassed. We're still laughing.