Wednesday, June 15, 2005

About those Blogs for McCain's Opponent(s) ...

a quick word. But first, let me say ... I will get to emails later this week. Patience, as life rudely continues to interfere with this still not-for-profit venture. But, we have even more pro-McC opponents joining. And we don't even know who the opponents are yet!!! Amazing! Maybe it's Sen. McCain. I don't know. At any rate, we're on the march, people.

And ... I've got to get patched in to the Wide Awakes, as a new member of that grand "society of sanity". At least it was until I joined. But hey ...

I want to say this real clearly for the benefit of Democrats and all other manner of troublemakers out there. Those who wish for "Blogs for McCain's Opponent" to be something that it is not and will not be ... listen up. Here is my recent comment on JulieB's blog:
[A]s I have made clear so many times, including with an update to my "What we're about" post, I will not be a part of an effort that helps the Demos (unless they look like Zell Miller) in '08. Don't worry ... I've got the keys to the blogroll, and the effort won't undermine conservative advancement.
And if that isn't clear enough, let me add the following. I approach elections in a very practical fashion: Who can win? Of those who can win, who will better help the advancement of conservative ideals? I have little patience for theoreticians who make meaningless "statements" on election day. Wishing we had a parliamentary system like the Euros doesn't make it so, any more than wishing will enable you to ride your bike to the moon. If you want to make a statement, go stand on the corner and make a speech. But voting has a specific purpose ... electing some one. That is, ballots are not meant to be thrown in the trash. So, you will not see me participating in such an effort. The idea is to cast more for the best candidate who can win. I know some of you would like to vote for me, and in fact I would be the best candidate. But I can't win in '08. So, please don't vote for me.

Translation: Liberal Democrats and others who would aid them ... be greatly afraid of "Blogs for McCain's Opponent".

I should post again Thursday with some pithy, mid-week insights. In the meantime, please report all instances of persons pursuing virtue in moderation. Thank you and good night.