Friday, June 17, 2005

About Al Jazeera's new poster boy, Dick Dean, the Democrat ...

Yes, it's true. Dick's remarks have been featured by al Jazeera. Surprise. And in a surprise sting, it appears that Iowahawk has now seized some of Dick's correspondence. This may shed some light on the controversy.

And also ... check out Sen. McCain's reaction to Durbin's slander of the military. Sounds eerily similar to the Democrats' reaction. Hmmm. Oh, and what's this? I see that McCain and his buddy Dick Dean have worked on that campaign-finance masterpiece together. Figures. So, I guess we shouldn't expect McCain to be excoriating his buddy from Illinois.

So, are you ready? Ready to join "Blogs for McCain's Opponent"? Email me at dcutter-at-gmail-dot-com. We've not got 30 ... count 'em ... 30 blogs. In a little over three weeks. Grab this comet's tail and go, baby.

Back on Monday.