Monday, May 23, 2005

So, it's really 14 who run the Senate?

I see. And this is an improvement over 40 running it? Or 50? I am disappointed at the deal struck by the sage "moderates". Noting that Sen. Kleagle Byrd was part of the group, it is hard to call them moderates.

All told ... I think it will not end up so bad, frankly. Actually, the Demos may have hung themselves and not know it. RedState thinks it will be a good deal long-term for the Republicans, provided that Sens. DeWine and Graham have the male equipment necessary to vote properly if, er when, their Demo colleagues violate the agreement. Which will probably be very soon, and most likely no later than the next S.C. appointment.

Here are some random thoughts to get off my chest on this issue, and then I will happily move on:

1) The Demos' filibusters of Pryor, Owen, and Rogers-Brown have been shown for what they are -- partisan crap. So now these "extremists" advance to the bench without a whimper from the Demos? Extremist one day ... confirmed the next? These are poster-children for what is not "extraordinary" circumstances. Congratulations to these fine judges.

2) It's an outrage that Henry Saad and Bill Myers are still stuck in limbo. This shouldn't be. If the Demos are true to their word, then both should get a vote.

3) McCain and his band of "moderates" are just as concerned about their voters as the Republicans who were seeking the to employ the Byrd Option. If I hear one more tribute to the principled tassle-loaferians who saved the Senate, I am going to barf.

4) McCain's presidential ambitions are finished. That's not a bad thing, either.

5) I am looking forward to the forthcoming S.C. nominations. The Demos are now left in the position of having the option to filibuster to appease their Leftist base while simultaneously infuriating people who will be watching this obstruction when it unfolds at the S.C. nomination level.

6) Karl Rove is far more politically astute than the Senate. This ultimately gives me some degree of confidence that the Demos are going to somehow continue to lose ground legislatively and judicially, all the while being painted as obstructionists.