Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Like Iran, I am commited to nukes ...

Posts, that is. But ... I will have a nuclear post ready for launch long before the Iranians have the bomb. Fear not.

In the meantime, life interferes with my desire to play at the computer and pontificate and ridicule all forms of liberal life. Yet, I find the whole enterprise is not challenging my supreme blogging talents.

Thus, I shall post ... soon, I hope ... my entry in the "terd in the punchbowl" meme.

My "terd in a 'bowl" will not stink. This, I pledge.

UPDATE: Here's my T-in-a-bowl entry ... for Jess:

Send in the Tongs

Terd in a punch bowl ...
A Christian crashes the Demos' party.
Terd in a punch bowl ...
The laughter and appetites no longer hearty.

copyright 2005 by DC.

I went ahead and copyrighted this masterpiece, to make sure that I get all the royalties I am due. Please note the subtle, yet dark humor. I have taken a disgusting meme and turned it into the blog equivalent of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" (which reminds me ... I am working on a sequel: "Terd in a P-Bowl: Nevermore.")

Okay, I participated in this little meme deal for my Demo pal Jess, but in protest I will not pass it on. Besides, Michael and Ogre have already said all that needs to be said on this subject. Marines have a knack for cutting through ... and commenting on ... the bull. Plus, just because I can polish a terd doesn't mean that other less-talented bloggers can.

Oh, my here's a bonus poem ...

DC Rules the Punchbowl

Terd in the punchbowl ...
Shall we get the tongs and abolish it?
Terd in the punchbowl ...
Or take it to DC and let him polish it?

Copyright 2005 by DC.

Please, stop me ...

Two Demos' Talking about Extreme Terds

Terd in the punchbowl ...
"We could put it in toilet ... or the custard."
Terd in the punchbowl ...
"No. Let's just talk. Let's filibuster."

Copyright 2005 by DC.

Okay ... I need to rest for creating masterpieces wears me out.