Friday, May 06, 2005

Important Announcement: Nukuler Post Status

Greetings, friends, fans, and my little gang of leftists that can not stay away from me. (You know who you are.) ...

I regret to inform you that I have had to work way too much to give proper attention to this blog in general and the nuclear post in particular. I am hopeful to turn this around within the week.

And this I pledge: Before launching the nuclear post, I will announce it and give all members of the Secular/Leftist coalition the opportunity to surrender and/or flee and take cover.

In the meantime ... I have got to get back to work for the American people -- literally. I mean, if they won't let us fix the SS system, then I have got to work to support those three welfare recipients that I am currently supporting. And I've got to make sure I've got the money to send my kids to college so that they can support the two that they are going to have to support.

But, it's okay. It's all for a good cause -- welfare. Good thing libs don't believe in forcing any one to accept behavior they don't agree with.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all the liberal bloggers, especially Charlie, who contribute to Pusillanimous Wankers -- an excellent humor blog. PW is at about at the 10K hit mark. Of course, I am largely responsible for that, for I have found that my logic and discourse have livened up the ol' leftist echo chamber. The discussions have been great: "Stop using facts, you @@#$!" ... "God is dead, but Satan is alive in the White House." Seriously, it has been a lot of fun.

By the way ... how many days since PW pasted up the ol' Krugmaster? I lost count. Just another example of how I am fulfilling my duties and making a difference as Most High Minister of Information Control in this here theocracy. I demand you paste him up there now, PW!! In the name of all things good and decent, give us our Krugman ... and tell us to "Read the rest." Now, before you furiously type a comment back to me with your hair on fire dear leftists, just take a deep breath, please ... But if you want to fire off a missile at me (which would be a very unwise thing since I have the bomb now), that's okay, too. Just remember, I get the laughs when you do this, and I am capable of using the English language deftly at times, so proceed with caution.

Finally, PW and Co. be advised that I head off to worship this glorious Mother's Day weekend to pray God's rich blessings on your lives, that you would be showered with His mercy and grace, and that you would glow such that your tin foil hats would melt all over your tie-die t-shirts.

Until next week ...