Monday, May 23, 2005

Deadline for "To Flush or Not to Flush?" extended ...

until late tonight. Will put up my thoughts tomorrow. I have seen one Leftist step up to the plate so far (albeit he did so on his home turf). Yet ... nonetheless, I will heap high praise upon him in my coming post and doom him to the ash heap of Leftist history.

Leftists, feel free to comment here (open borders, like the U.S.) and fear not the rumors that I go on a riotous intellectual rampage in search of Leftist infidels who descecrate this blog. In other words, come out of your caves/holes, stop hiding under your desks, loosen your corsets and let 'er rip.

And if this isn't enough motivation for you ...

For JulieB and P. Wanker, I just have two words: "Bawk. Bawk."

Update: JulieB weighs in below ... with a very middle-of-the-road answer, even after my clarification of the hypo. DC's verdict: Still ... bawk, bawk. Meanwhile, PW's treatise on the subject is still somewhere in the chicken coop. Bawkity, bawk, bawk.