Wednesday, May 18, 2005

DC Interviews Muslim Protesters

Imagine for a moment ... explaining to the young Muslim on the left that, yes, Newsweek does deserve to be banned, but we can't do that in America. Even libs are allowed to speak. And then ... in earshot of the young Muslim on the left, explain to the fellow on the right that no, President Bush should not apologize for the desecration of the Koran because a) it didn't happen, and b) he is not responsible for the actions of an American media outlet. Unlike the proposed banning of Newsweek, though, the President is permitted to apologize. Understand guys?

While perusing blank stares from the pair, then proceed to ask the following questions: 1) Hey fellas, who did the signs for you?; 2) So, were the 17 or so deaths justifiable homicides?; 3) How many people were killed in the protests over the animal-like mutilations perpetrated by Zarqawi in the name of Islam?; 4) Have you ever heard of a lutefisk?; and 5) What do you think of the lutefisk desecration riots caused by Newsweek in the Midwest?