Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Breaking: From across the Sierra Nevadas ... he returns.

Breaking ... breaking ... how do you put one of them siren deals? Well ... was surfing today, and kinda pining away for old times, and I clicked on the Goomba Emeritus's site. And ... lo and behold, rather than being "not found", there was a lightly-furnished version of Nickie's place. It appeared that Nickie had been sprucing up the site, putting in some light bulbs and preparing for a return.

I waded through the Morse Code and tapped in a comment. Then, later in the afternoon, Goomba himself emailed me and confirmed that he is preparing a slow, "first gear" return to posting.

This is great news.

No word yet on whether P. Wank will lead a filibuster to the impending appointment of Goomba as "Most High One -- the Great Goomba of the Blogosphere" upon his return. I am not sure if the fragile Leftist psyches ever got used to the Goomba-esqe barbs.

At any rate, this just energizes me. As you know, Nickie has been a great straight guy for me in my efforts in this here blog. We've been through a lot, both been hacked ... although the Nick has been shot up really good. And we became fast friends after an evening of carrier quals at the White House at the Inauguaration Party. And ... I haven't told this before, but ... when Nickie wore my "bo-lo" tie as a thong, THAT was something. But I digress ...

So, keep a sharp eye to see what Goomba is up to. Libs be warned: I have single-handedly surrounded you and gotten whole herds of you stampeding in panic. But when Goomba returns, even if it is only part-time, it is going to be ugly.