Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blogs for McCain's Opponent ... off and running!

Man, would you look at that blog roll to the left there? Launched one week ago, without any fanfare, on this here, little blog ... and bammo!! We have 14 blogs. And these are some really good blogs, too.

You never know where this will lead. Perhaps we can get Sen. McCain's attention. Why not? Some might scoff. But really, why not? Maybe we'll get some FEC goons coming to our doorsteps ... or our IP portals ... whatever ... trying to silence us. If you have such an encounter, please direct all such inquiries here.

A few things I want to say as we get going, for clarification ... 1) I am not for Hillary ... this is not where this enterprise is going. No, I won't be making the same "mistake" that McCain seems to always make -- hurting every Republican except himself; 2) let's have some fun with this deal; 3) the way I'd like to see us work is kinda like "Outback Steakhouse", i.e., "No Rules, Just Right"; and 4) in light of #2, would you take a gander at this?

I mean, Nick, for the sake of all things decent, lay off the man when he is in a moment of weakness. Geez.