Friday, April 08, 2005

Links, Site Update, the Unit ...

Okay, now I am ticked. This thing has eaten two posts. But hey ...

I owe links, I know. I will get them up. Plus, I need to put up Jess's killer endorsement. Will do. Plus, go check out Jess's very good answers to my even better questions. Just joshing. It's good stuff. And Jess, Demo and all, is a good guy. He has a sense of humor, and doesn't take himself too seriously. Plus, he actually discusses ideas and he doesn't think I am Satan. So, we have some common ground. Actually, it's more than that. Plus, he's young and can come around to the "light" still.

Man, I must say, the retirements/disappearances in the blogosphere are getting me down. Nickie G. pulled out for the time being. I miss him greatly. I mean, the "Unit" was started because of and for Nickie. Now that he is gone, it is not the same. That is not a slight to my other blogging friends, but it is just kudos to the great Goomba. Plus, my Aussie buddy Toecutter disappeared. That's two biggees down. I will reorganize the links accordingly ... and stand down the "unit". When Nickie returns, we will be back in action.

Speaking of "retirements", P. Wanker has pulled the plug, too. Man ... where am I going to go to get my retreads of Krugman's insightful columns: "Did you know that GWB actually has the mark of the beast on his scalp?". Dude has some lefty stand-ins over there, but they don't hold a candle. No one can copy a Krugman column like PW and follow it up with something like: "Krugman is righteous. All who disagree are evil ones. Now, go read Krugman's column so you can see what I think and what you must think -- or be evil!!!" He is still around and commenting, so maybe he will fly in here and carpet- f-bomb me in the comments. He remains welcome. Open borders. We allow incorrect opinions to immigrate here, so that they can be exposed, corrected, and ultimately used for comedic purposes.

I still like you, PW. XXOOXOXXOO.