Monday, April 25, 2005

DC M.I.A. Update ... Breaking

Okay, now I've got your attention ... both of you. And InsertionError ... I would link to you, you little miscreant, but you're anonymous. Fancy that.

Word of my demise is premature. In fact, I spent the weekend camping with my boys. Back still hurts. Work, baseball, etc. dictate that the DC nuclear post program not be launched until at least May 2 ... Patience. Good things come to those who read this blog.

But in the meantime, consider these following tidbits:

1) As of today ... 17 days and counting since P. Wanker cut and pasted the ever insightful Krugman and ended with his signature "Read the rest." See below (4/8), where I called the lad out for it. Indeed the righteous tentacles of this-here (official Texan lingo) blog reach far and wide.

2) The Republicans in the Senate are just making me sick. What a bunch of tassle-loafered weenies. They may end up following McCain's and Hagel into complete oblivion. They should vote now to eliminate the "filibuster" on judicial nominees and be big enough to live by the same rules if the Demos ever get power again. Or ... leave it as is and you'll have the filibuster power in 2006 when the Demos take the Senate again. But just when the Republicans look pretty bad ...

3) I note that the Demos' very substantive all-scandal-all-the-time agenda is in full swing ... Tom Delay, who has done nothing illegal, period and in fact far less than Pelosi and Harry Reid ... John Bolton (heavens sake ... yelling at subordinates?). And the Demos wonder why people don't entrust them to run things? It's sickening. A constant search for dirt to destroy political opponents that they can't defeat at the ballot box. All politics, all scandal ... all the time.

And why? The Demos' agenda (more government, less freedom, more U.N., etc.) stinks.

Without vision, the people perish.