Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Apologies to Ma and Pa Cutter ...

for not posting since Friday. No column on Monday. Format is coming unraveled. Life intervenes. Got an invitation to a "book meme" deal from Teach. I think I will do it, but ... I just don't know that my answers will be satisfying. I mean, there aren't many "Ned and the First Grade Reader" fans left.

And ... I can't even get to my site updates. Plus, I have my Magnum Opus -- DC's Rules of Flying -- that I need to get to. I was forced onto a plane this week, and it has become clear to me that more order in the skies is needed. I will speak to this sensitive and vital subject soon. But first, here are some key random nuggets of truth that will have to suffice until I speak again on matters of pressing national concern:

1) Legal commentatators on TV are odious and to be scorned. Is there a more loathsome "reporter" than the gushing APHRODITE Jones? Aphrodite Jones!? Don't name your children when you are drunk, please. "Like, Oh my gosh, Bill ... like, Michael is soooooo like guilty."

2) Speaking of Michael Jackson, is it me ... or does he lose more color each day? I think he needs to turn the tide by getting up on top of a car again. I mean, do something. Showing up in the PJ's was a nice touch, but the momentum generated from that stunt only went so far, obviously.

3) After suffering through an "episdode" of Hannity & Colmes ... "Coming up, an emotional interview with the father of Jessica Lunsford" ... I have to ask: Where do we go to get a break from the all-hype-all-the-time media culture? Oh, yeah. The "off" button. More blogging ... less cable.

4) Wisconsin now allows wild cat hunting. Homeless cat advocates have, however, filed an injunction to stop this legislation. Remember, all cats are just one rude greeting away from being homeless.