Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Thomas Sowell at the plate ... here's the pitch ... it's a long drive .... way back ...

back ... at the wall ... gone. Here's Dr. Sowell's devastating critique of liberal hypocrisy in the Terri Schiavo case:
The fervor of those who want to save Terri Schiavo's life is understandable and should be respected, even by those who disagree. What is harder to understand is the fervor and even venom of those liberals who have gone ballistic -- ostensibly over state's rights, over the Constitutional separation of powers, and even over the sanctity of family decisions.

These are not things that liberals have any track record of caring about. Is what really bothers them the idea of the sanctity of life and what that implies for their abortion issue? Or do they hate any challenge to the supremacy of judges -- on which the whole liberal agenda depends -- a supremacy that the Constitution never gave the judiciary?
Also, check out this deep drive off the wall by Lorie Byrd of PoliPundit regarding the new-found faith that liberals have in husbands of all stripes to care for their wives:

Many of the liberals commenting suddenly seem to believe that a husband always has the best interests of his wife at heart. This evidently extends even to husbands who have taken a new common law wife and have had children with her. At the very least, the court should see the fact that he has a new family as a conflict of interest.

At least conservatives on Terri's side have some history of supporting the cause we now embrace. And we will continue to hold to these views. But will the new advocates of states' rights, separation of powers, limited government, and .... for crying out loud, the authority of husbands ... still hold these views when a new set of facts arises?