Thursday, March 03, 2005

Speaking of extremists ...

Did you hear that Alan Greenspan agrees with the President that doing nothing about Social Security now is much riskier than private accounts? The Federal Reserve Chairman has been making his views known that he supports the President's efforts to reform social security, medicare, and now ... Holy Toledo ... reform of the tax code. Greenspan now supports a consumption tax.

Old extremist. I know he is married to NBC's Andrea Mitchell, and the Demos/MSM worship him when he says things that are not helpful to the President (i.e., problems with the deficit), but you have to admit ... he's an old extremist. He's gone to meddlin' by not only touching the third rail of politics but dancing on it.

Clearly, he wants to take retirement money away from old people and make them chow down on Alpo. Can't a liberal blogger dig up some dirt on this old fascist? I mean, the only thing to conclude from all of this is that Alan Greenspan is an evil man that must be investigated. He must have some illicit scheme working. Clearly, he is bad. His views are odious. Plus, he is an ugly man. An ugly, old extremist.