Friday, March 18, 2005

Really sad developments today in Terri's case. Please contact your elected representatives, if you have not done so and urge them to act before Terri slowly starves to death.

I heard Gov. Bush speaking today about the ironic tragedy of all of this and he made an interesting point: Why does it absolutely take forever to execute a convicted murderer, but the courts seem in a rush to starve this innocent woman to death? Again, innocent life should get the benefit of the doubt.

And Congress just couldn't get its act together to pass a measure protecting innocent people without specific directives when they become incapacitated. Why? Busy, I am sure. That's right. Talking about baseball and steriods. They have no business talking about baseball. Oh, I forgot. Sen. McCain, who is pro-life you remember, thinks it is important to talk about baseball. And the MSM thought it was imporant, and it was good theater. I mean, dang, if McCain/MSM thinks it's important to talk about steroids and a private enterprise ... with grown men playing ... while a woman is about to be starved to death, then Shazam baby, let's talk steroids. And by golly, let's get to that recess. Lord knows, those congressmen need a break.

Shame on Sen. McCain and the rest of the Congress for frittering away precious moments while action was needed on this case. Hope they enjoy their break.

Pray. Act in Terri's interest ... in some way. Check Blogs for Terri for continued updates and action items.