Wednesday, March 30, 2005

About the fellow Felos ...

Now that the Pope is unfortunately on a feeding tube, can any one account for the whereabouts of George Felos? I have come to the following conclusions about the fellow Felos:

1) he is a good lawyer, particularly on appellate issues;

2) he is creepy and appears to be deriving way too much pleasure out of this ordeal;

3) every time he opens his mouth and talks about how wonderfully euphoric and peaceful it is to starve to death, I wish to deny him the euphoria of such suffering by inflicting excruciating pain upon him;

4) his Saturday news conference, in which he endlessly gushed about how great it is that Terri is dying, was sickening. He should hang with judges, not juries and real people; and

5) he is proof that even complete, raging geeks can find a place -- albeit unseemly -- in this world.