Friday, February 25, 2005

Vote for Jeremy ... again ... because I am a shill for warmongers

Okay, I have been accused of loving war. This is funny. No ... but I do love the American Warmonger. I have campaigned hard for Jeremy in the past in the Wizbang Awards. Well ... here I am again. Why? I'm busy. Big weekend. Real life. But you know why I'm back?

Because Jeremy is a great blog friend. He helps other bloggers, including myself. There are a litany of blogs who have been helped in one way or another by Jeremy. Technical advice, encouragement, insightful and funny comments that bring more readers. Guy does classes on his blog and sets up templates for other bloggers. And he posts some pretty interesting and thoughtful things, too. We usually agree, but not always. That doesn't matter. He's still a great American. In short, he's the bomb ... ooh, a little warlike lingo there kinda gave me the shivers.

Seriously, if you haven't read much of Jeremy, take a look. His blog will inform you, and encourage you to do more with your own blog. And be better. That's what he's done for me.

To put it plainly, for a squid he's not bad. Okay, just joshing, Jeremy. You're the man. DC still has your back.

Sorry it took me so long to get into the fray and help push you over the top, but now ... people, it's up to you.

Go here and vote for Jeremy now. Just link to the King of Blogs post there and send a trackback. It's simple, and the KOB post tells you how.

I want my blog peeps to succeed, and Jeremy is a great blogger and a great blog friend.