Friday, February 04, 2005

State of the Cutter: Good and on Target ... all the way to a Ping Pong Ball Epilogue

Hey, did Pres. Bush say that he wanted to hold discretionary spending under the level of inflation? Man, that's war. Last time the Republicans tried this, the Demos said they wanted Grandma and Grandpa to be eatin' Alpo. I mean, unless you've tried it, I don't think you should criticize.

Looks like the President is pretty much the same guy as he was before the election, except he was talking spending discipline and saying the right things on immigration. He means business. He rightfully mystifies and terrifies many Democrats.

But the loyal opposition readies the attack. "Mr. Greenjeans" (h/t Nickie G.) was downright electric in the rebuttal, though, wasn't he?

Okay ... read on down. Got a little smorgasdeal. And ... a contest at the end for an alternative ending to the greatest joke of all time.