Friday, February 25, 2005

Okay, so my oldest (and I do mean oldest) and dearest (and I do mean ... well, just go with it) blog friend Nickie Goomba says he's hanging it up ... man. Just too much to take. I start going over the time that I helped him pick up the pieces after moonbats shredded his blog. I think about how he has continually scooped the news services with pressers that not even the tabloids are aware of. I think about ... how I will miss those posts that are alternately pant-wettin' funny and incisive to the core. I think about all the humorless lefties who commented: "Dude, this is not true. You are making this crap up, dude." I think about ... how full of garbanzo beans that Goomba truly is.

He ain't going anywhere. Not till we are both rich ... and famous. I would say rich, old, fat, and ugly. But Goomba is batting .750 on that deal and he might get cocky and quit.

Memo to Nickie G: Don't go scarin' me like that again.