Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's official. The Left is devolving.

In the photo above, PW is completely stumped and bamboozled by the complete refutation of his hypothesis that Pres. Bush is a fascist.

You see, rather than taking the "Oh, my gosh. You're crazy." approach that I did, the ever-thoughtful W.B. Rodgers just absolutely laid waste to PW's bilge. I have loved reading the exchanges between W.B. and PW, et al. over at PW's place. W.B. just pours on a bucket of reason and facts, and PW backs up and says, "Yeah, well, you're a smart dude, okay? But ... please be quiet," or words to that effect. A great show indeed.

Yes, that smoking, little, snapped Wanker on the forest floor is ... our very own PW. But sit tight. I am sure the conclusive refutation to W.B. and me is being furiously, and I do mean furiously, typed at this very moment.

Photo of PW courtesy of JR the Texican.