Tuesday, January 25, 2005

You may have heard that the Norwegians were upset when Jenna Bush flashed the "Hook 'em Horns" sign at an inaugural ball last week. For those of us in Texas, we recognize this gesture as simply being a sign of support for the Texas Longhorns, Jenna's and DC's alma mater.

The Norwegians were offended because apparently some devil-worshipping heavy metal types who terrorized Norway use the sign, as well. Well, if this doesn't give credence to the European state religion of anti-Bush/anti-Americanism, I don't know what does. "See, Sven, he's of the devil." Oh, well ...

I do need to explain something, though.

Although Jenna did flash the "Hook 'em" sign at an inaugural ball, it is a bit more complicated than that. You see, when she turns left and places her left hand up to the shoulder, as shown, it actually means, "DC rules the world!!". Right before giving the gesture, Jenna had just told her dad about her thoughts about DC's rulership of the blogosphere, and the President reportedly remarked, "If that ain't true, I ain't the 43rd prez." How do I know? I was there and Jenna told me she was going to give the sign about two minutes before this pic was taken.

In a related note, retired Austin judge Harley Clark (the inventor of the "Hook 'em" sign and a former UT cheerleader) remarked, "At least our mascot isn't the unicorn."