Thursday, January 13, 2005

PW, DC warmly embrace. PW vows not to poison DC in exchange for continuation of ping pong ball joke.

Okay ... so, I wrote my pal PW an email to try and diffuse the tension between us ... over my dogmatic Christian worldview. To his credit, PW says ... "Call me." So ... I did. A grand conversation ensued. We laughed. He thought I was a "happy" guy. Imagine that. He made some generous comments. Thanks, PW.

Bottom line(s) from our conversation are ... But first, would somebody fire up the Cumbayah, please? There, that's better. Some of you know what a "sucker" I am for Cumbayah.

Okay, here are the punch lines: 1) In spite of our disagreements, I believe PW loves this great land. He has a different vision than I do, and I think his views are dead wrong. He thinks I am a knuckle-dragger; 2) I think PW is wrong about Jesus, and I think his view has serious consequences in this world and the next; 3) I knew I would like PW; 4) He is doing something right, because he has a very pretty wife who seems pretty normal (spends little time blogging, for instance); and 5) the most important thing is ... PW is every bit as precious in God's sight as I am and I want him (and you) to know that this enterprise is not about attacking any one personally.

And ... a reminder to all ... if it's not my comment, it's not my comment. Okay? There.

So ... drop by his place and nicely tell that raving lunatic PW that you love him.

And keep reading through all of my gripping stuff to get to the next installment ... perhaps a turning point, I don't know ... of YE OLDE PING PONG BALL JOKE. Pls continue ...