Monday, January 03, 2005

Press Conference Q&A ...

Programming note: This is the last of three posts from today's press conference. See two earlier press conference posts of today for recap of intro/Thomas incident as well as opening statement by DC.

(Press conference resumes, with Nickie Goomba asking the first question)

Nickie Goomba -- DC, sir. Happy New Year to you. We missed you. Also, I would like to congratulate you for finishing second in Meathead's 2004 Best Blog Award. As for my question, having attended some White House functions with you, I know a bit about you, like you're from Texas, you wear "string ties" and such. But, a lot of people are wondering if you might give a bit more information, and if not, why not?

DC: At ease, Goomba. It's not necessary to stand at the POA when addressing me. I appreciate the gesture, but ... what can I tell you? I would like to say, too, that since you are actually at this press conference, I am hoping that we can get some accurate coverage. (Audience laughs. Goomba does not.) And listen, about the recount I requested on your little blog award deal, it's just to protect the integrity of the process. I am not trying to change the result.

As for your question, I have a bunch of kids. I have had them from the eastern seaboard to California. I finally figured out what was causing the deal. At least one of them is a teenager now. Let's see, I met my first wife in college. I am a Christian. I have a journalism degree. I am a former Marine, but I am certainly no war hero. What else? I should say that it really shouldn't be necessary to say much more. I am from Texas. I am an American. I like laughing, loud music, Aussies, the British Royal Marines. What else? This site is about ideas, not me. Sure, they are my ideas, but ... I could tell you certain things about me that would make you more favorably disposed to some of my opinions, and other personal information may have the opposite effect. So, it's a wash. I will probably come completely clean some day. Yes, Nickie, you have a follow up ...

Nickie Goomba: Yes DC. I mean, sir Mr. DC. Sir ... It has been reported that you have misled some people regarding your identity. Is this true, and if so, do you regret it?

DC: Goomba, please. I told you ... At ease. Yes, I did tell Pusillanimous Wanker once that I was a black mother of five. This was incorrect, and I do regret telling him this. I mean, he was heading out to the open sea with the bait. Had to reel him back in. So yes, this was a lie. I have four children.


Jim Angle -- Fox News: DC, Jim Angle. Fox News. This site has had some serious pieces/series, such as the focus on John Kerry's "The New Soldier" leading up the election. Also, there are some occasional light and even wacky pieces. Do you plan to continue this, if so, can the two types of posts co-exist?

DC: Great question, Jim. You must be a Texan. Man. I have done a lot of thinking about this subject, and I think that I can do both. I hope so, because my mind thinks in both ways. This is not a humor blog. It is not a blog a la Belmont Club, either. In expressing my views, I am trying to inform, entertain, inspire, build coalitions, and perhaps motivate to actions and even change opinions. I find that humor can be an effective weapon in the communications arsenal. In looking over the blogosphere, I can't think of many bloggers who are serious and light-hearted at the same time. If I can pull this off, this thing will take off.

Jim Angle: If I could follow up ... then what kind of site is this?

DC: Again, this is not a news site. If something happens, I may not comment on it, for a variety of reasons. This site is an opinion and information blog, with an emphasis on protecting and preserving this nation. Incidentally, a nation is not a government. But that is a post for another day. But as I have said since the election, my efforts are focused on what I have called America's "Coalition of the Winning" -- that is, national security protection, cultural preservation, and liberty promotion. As for me, I am a conservative on all three fronts (security, culture, and liberty issues). However, members of our coalition certainly need not agree on all issues and we will have our sqabbles, for sure. But one thing must hold us together -- we must love this nation and be committed to its welfare.

Also, regarding what kind of site this is, I have got to mention what I have called the "perfect church" crowd. You know these kind of people ... They looking for "perfect churches" and perfect political candidates but can't seem to find either. The problem is that if you find a perfect church, you can't join it because you'll ruin it. Well, these imperfect people nonetheless continue in their dogged pursuit of ideological purity on a whole host of issues ... but somehow can't seem to find an earthly candidate that meets their criteria who can get more than 0.5% of the vote nationally. Then, you look at the champions such folks have nominated, and you find the "perfect" candidates aren't perfect, either.

Thus, I have a question for the "perfect churchers": If a tree in the woods is "standing for principle" and no one sees it ... and it falls ... is it still standing for principle? There. Figure that one out, but don't go pulling a brain muscle on me. C'mon and call me a Communist ... a Bush cool-aid drinker. I dare you. And finally, to those people who take themselves way too seriously (cousins of "perfect churchers") and can not laugh at themselves, here's a warning: You may very well be offended by this site from time to time. I would like to say that this bothers me ... but it doesn't.

John King -- CNN: Why are you calling on only the Fox News reporters here. It seems inapprop ...

DC: I think they're all here, John, for one thing. They're pretty big fans. I did bust them for falling prey to the "Communists for Kerry" deal, but I think they've gotten over it. They're all whooping twit right-wingers like me, so ... But I will give some one else a chance. Let's see. Yes, you in the back.

Les Miserables -- Le Moonbat Presse: Mesieur, you have an ideology of hate and are a vicious dog, a *&^%$, an unbelievable &%$*&*. Iraq is a F*&* mess. Do you now admit you are fascist pig?

DC: No, but I do welcome all such commenters such as yourself to this blog. I take pride that no one has been banned from commenting at the Daisy Cutter. I hope we can keep it that way. The comments, of course, do not represent my opinion, unless they are my comments. Thanks for reminding me of this. I must say that even the hateful venom and lunacy from the moonbats is instructive to people of goodwill. I mean, we've got you people hacking into blogs ... even wiping out Goomba. What is that? And yes, I do know that there are many, many people of goodwill who disagree with me on a whole host of issues. I believe the readers of the blog are capable of telling for themselves whether a commenter is a person of goodwill or not. Linda ...

Linda Vester -- Fox News: I see some different, facially conflicting themes that may be at work in you personally and in your commentary on this blog. What is the dominant influence in your thinking?

DC: Although the bulk of my posts here will not have an overtly religious tone or message, my Christian faith informs all that I do. When I say I am a Christian, that doesn't mean that I was born in America and go to church on Christmas and Easter. Last I checked, I had spent time in a garage, too, but that didn't make me a car. In short, I believe in the truth of John 14:6 and I have staked my life upon it. In fact, the course of my life was changed over 25 years ago. If you are interested, here is what I came to understand about God a quarter of a century ago. But fret not. I don't purport to speak for God. Some days ... every day, actually ... I stumble. Indeed, I am a ragamuffin in need of God's immeasurable grace. My faith makes me more, not less understanding of people's differences.

This leads me to a guiding principle in wrestling with issues here: People are more important than winning an argument. Let that soak in for a minute. And in that regard, this is also why I like a free and open discussion of ideas. It communicates mutual respect. Plus, I think the truth looks better the closer that it is examined. I also honestly think my ideas will win out if given a fair hearing. I may be wrong. If I am, I am sure that some one will show me.

But back to faith ... Here's the bottom line on faith and this blog: I can be friends with you if you don't believe in Jesus. Can you be my friend if I believe in Him?

And a word about Muslims. I certainly support the right of Muslims to live in peace and practice their religion. I do believe, though, that Islam is facing a crisis and is in need of a reformation. Its problems stem both from problematic sacred texts and an unwillingness for Muslims to speak out against terrorism. Yet, nothing here should be interpreted as advocating a "counter-jihad". That said, I do believe the best remedy for those who terrorize Americans and our friends in the name of Islam is an attack with overwhelming force by the U.S. military. E.D. ...

E.D. Hill -- Fox News: Do you have any bloggers in particular that have served as a role model for how to conduct this whole enterprise?

DC: Yes, E.D. And, I must say ... good to see another Texan (and UT graduate) doing so well.

E.D.: Well, if I could just get to where you're ...

DC: Persistence. Hang tough. But back to your question, there a some great blogs out there, but I have really been influenced by Hugh Hewitt, a.k.a. the "Coalition Provisional Authority". Hugh is gracious with his time, and he has really put a lot into helping other bloggers get off the ground. Heck, he even returns my emails. If Hugh can do that, we can all do it, in my view. There's even a whole site of blogs inspired by Hugh. I have ordered his book ... hope to get through it asap. It's must reading for folks interested in the blogosphere.

Wendell Goler -- Fox News: Can you talk about the new look for the site? How did this come about?

DC: Yes, Wendell. I am pretty excited about the new banner and the logo. The concepts are mine, but my friend Bob Winslow brought them to life with graphics and by cracking the dreaded "left sidebar" code. So, thanks to Bob (and David), who did a super job. Now, that I have a left side bar to work with, it's not going to be fair. And I guess that having a logo makes me official. So now maybe I need some t-shirts. We will see. Do I need a "babe" to model the t-shirts, though? Don't know. Let's see ... Who could I ... Yes, Laurie ...

Laurie Dhue -- Fox News: Did you (stammering badly) say that you were married?

DC: Yes. Let's take another question from the foreign press. Yes, Tim ...

Tim Blair -- -- Yes, DC. Could you explain your affinity for Aussies? I note a number of Aussie links and the presence of your "cousin" ToeCutter in your Unit. What explains this, mate? Are you just sucking up to Australia?

DC: Absolutely. Australians are good friends of America. They are freedom-lovers. They make great music, and they call sharks guppies. They re-elected PM Howard in the middle of the Iraq war. Plus, I believe they realize the weakness of Pac-10 football, as well. Most importantly, I plan to start my world tour on Mooloolaba Beach, where the world's best band hails from. Jeff ...
Jeff Birnbaum -- Fox News: There have been whispers that you are softening, that you are even associating with moderate, left-of-center types from California. Would you like to address these charges?

DC: Well, I assume that you are talking about my friend JulieB. Julie adds a lot to the discussion around here and is a good sounding board. Plus, I introduced her to the Texicans, and they have gotten along famously ... even after the Homeys showed her all their guns, which takes a while. But, to the fundamental question ... is ol' DC softening? Come now. If you think you hear things a bit differently ... look at the substance. I remain firm in conviction, but flexible in approach. I am still in the persuasion business, and I work for the same team that I have for as long as I can remember. You have a follow-up?

Jeff Birnbaum: Yes. But, do you categorically deny speaking French at any time?

DC: Jeff, this is a vicious rumor that got started on the internets. I am not sure which one, but ... I think present company can help with that. But, I guess it depends on what you mean by "speaking French". But wait ... Listen, if you'll excuse me, I have got to get back to the business of the American people ... and that is running this here blog. ...

Brian Wilson -- Fox News: Can you give us an idea about what you might be working on in the future with this site or any related projects that may spin out of it?

DC: Well, I don't want to jinx it, Brian, but I believe in dreaming big. I can't tell you the precise subjects that I am going to be addressing in the coming weeks and months ... into '06? I can tell you this. I think I may get on Sen. McCain's case pretty soon, just for fun. And I am serving notice ... the road to the White House in '08 passes through DC. Remember that. Hey, do we have a ... never mind. For those of you wondering if I have been thinking of this all along, there's no way that a poor trailer park resident like myself could have pulled this off. So, never fear.

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