Monday, January 03, 2005

Press Conference Opening Remarks ...

DC: Well, thank you all for sticking around after our little incident earlier. (Programming note: This is the second press conf. post today. For description of earlier incident and press conf. intro., see today's previous post.) Events like this morning's somewhat explain the lack of a picture on the site, but I digress ... Starting from the top, my name is Rick. A first name should suffice for these purposes. I posted as Daisy Cutter since June 28, 2004. This site was born out of my desire to speak out on what I saw then and still see now as this nation's most pressing issue -- national security. To me, the Daisy Cutter was and is a symbol of America striking back at the jihadis and going on offense to protect and preserve freedom here and around the globe. The Daisy Cutter = Offense against Evil. I like that.

During the election season, as many of you know, I was heartily behind the President's re-election effort. As I stated on numerous occasions, the principal issue in the '04 election for me was national security. I still think we are in a very dangerous time where protecting America's security remains paramount.

Yet, I have had some reservations about the name Daisy Cutter. For one thing, I have some thoughts on issues unrelated to national security. Additionally, those of you who have read this site know that I am not prone to fire-bombing rants as the name would imply. I am prone to some humor, perhaps some black humor from time to time. Sure. Also, I do use some strong words here ... strong to leftists at least (you know ... truth, God, good, evil, justice, and the like). But still ... am I a big gas bomb?

(MSM contingent nods affirmatively.)

As I was preparing to change the name of this blog, a funny thing happened, though. I put the question to the readers. Nickie Goomba was the first to speak out for keeping the name. Then, the calls for the status quo started to pour in. I frankly was surprised. I figured that if you all like the name and understand where I am coming from and keep reading ... maybe I should keep it. On the other hand, I think that some more mainstream "big-time" bloggers and media might be a little "gun-shy" about linking or quoting me with this blog named Daisy Cutter. Also I find that evangelical Christians don't quite know what to do with it. Being on of those whooping twits myself, I find this particularly ironic. Ah, I love irony. So, I go back and forth ...

But enough of that. I want to announce that I will stop blogging.

(Commotion ensues with mixture of a smattering of cheers and loud cries of despair. The assembled throng looks around in disbelief. Some one, perhaps two people, are down. No one is yet able to utter a complete sentence, the shock and, in some cases grief, is so acute.)

DC resumes: ... at some point, that is. However, that point is not now.

(At this point, bedlam breaks loose in auditorium. Fox News contingent throws thin veneer of "balance" to the wind and begins massive impromptu "happy dance". Incredibly, Fred Barnes and ... Mort Kondracke? belly-bump three times. Across the room, John Gibson does something resembling the "Ikky Shuffle" ... Was he a Bengals fan, and in the 80s? ... CNN and other MSM contingent stand in stone-silence and try to not to hide disappointment. In back, a moonbat reporter tries to get a shot at DC, but the jubilant crowd gets in the way. Then, realizing that he doesn't own a firearm anyway, moonbat reporter resorts to the only weapon he has ever known, the "Profanity-Spewin' Ad-homi-Gun (PSAG)". He begins madly spraying every one in the vicinity with latest curse words gleaned from his favorite porn sites. Meanwhile, Carol Iovanna is out cold on the floor. Goomba hovers overhead but is shooed away by medical personnel. The scene returns to order, however, as Brit Hume incredibly approaches the podium and ... without saying a word ... nods at DC with that look ... that knowing, slight-smiling look ... and then amazingly gives DC a fist-five. No words are spoken, but much is said. Except for the medical personnel loading Ms. Iovanna into the ambulance, the room is in total silence. And the press conference resumes.)

DC resuming: Furthermore, as should be evident by the new look and logo on the site, I have decided to keep the name Daisy Cutter for the time being ...

(Standing ovation in the auditorium. MB reporter sets off another burst from the PSAG)

DC resuming: Please ... Please ... However, there will be some changes ...

(Murmurs in the crowd ... worried whispers ... sounds of papers and reporters' note pads shuffling ... some one snaps a picture.)

DC resuming: Incidentally, I don't photograph and I don't show up in mirrors. As we are doing this before the sun comes up, you can draw your own conclusions.

Regarding changes, the new look is the new look. I will be happy to take questions and comments on that later. But, as for more substantive issues, first I am going to post simply under "DC" going forward. You all (that is long-hand for y'all) can still call me Daisy. That's fine. You can even call me Rick. No big tuna. Just want to make the change. So, my focus is broadening, if you will, from Daisy Cutter (national security) to D.C. (the nation as a whole) ... so to speak. We'll see how it goes.

Next, we are going to have a bit of a format change, as well. As of 1/10/05, my plan is to post an essay/column on late Sunday night or early Monday a.m. on a near-weekly basis. Then, I will have an update later in the week, probably Wednesday night/early Thursday. I need to be disciplined with my time and and tend to personal and other business matters. There are people who really do count on me in real life, and I owe them my time and best efforts. I hope you will understand. Plus, you don't pay me enough to do otherwise.

Concurrent with the new format, I may not spend as much time addressing the various comment threads. I will still be around during the week and will try to hit my usual spots. If you have a question or want me to address an issue, please send me an email. I will try to respond to those.

Finally, I thank you for your patience. I know you have some questions, and I would like to take them. Usually we have the ... how do I delicately put this? .... we try to let some one ... uh ... "who has not been made famous by their good looks" ask the first question, so ... where is Helen Thomas?

Bret Baier -- Fox News: DC, that was Ms. Thomas that passed out when you first came in.

DC: Oh, my word. Well, let's go with Nickie Goomba then ...

(Press conference coverage to resume shortly with questions and candid answers on a variety of subjects. )