Thursday, January 13, 2005

Pls note the very tight competition for Comment of the Year. Of course, to make it fair, I am not eligible to win. Standings are revised/updated weekly. Goomba is currently narrowly leading JulieB. Frankly, the comments have been lame this week, with mainly some whining for the ping pong joke resumption. (See below.) I expect DC's peeps to pick it up. There will be a prize of some sort, but please be advised that the contest is rigged.

Also, don't forget to check out "DC's Library of Very Thin Books", posted on the still very cool left sidebar. We have a post-bowl sale in the Sports Section. Thanks to all for the overwhelming email response ... ahem ... with additional entries. How about 1-2, for crying out loud? Mine are better any way. Moonbats, please don't send in something spiteful like, "Conservatives that aren't Big, Bad Meanies" or ... "Anti-right-wing-Christian-zealot slurs we aren't addicted to saying" .... by Moonbats Anonymous. Try something light, like "Howard Dean and other Great Vermont Centrists" ... C'mon, you can do it.