Thursday, January 06, 2005

Okay, now the moment many of you have been waiting for ... The other night, Julie was trying to get some leaks about the big presser, and I was holding my ground. To stall ... and maybe make a point ... I commenced one of the grandest tales of all time -- Ye olde ping pong story/joke.

Check out the first installment ... Julie's comments are funnier than the progresssing tale, but ... it's getting there.

Now ... there was some follow up, but I think we were at 11th grade. Well, the kid is rolling, and you won't believe it, but ... he aces all his classes again. Straight As. Dad says, 'Son, you are amazing. I want to buy you something, but I just want to tell you, it doesn't have to be ping pong balls." Son: "Thanks, Dad. I appreciate that. And what I want this year is 2,500 ping pong balls." Dad: "Oh." Well ... son blazes into senior year and survives a scare in advanced calculus ... runs the table. Dad: "Son, you have done the unimaginable. You have gotten straight A's all the way thru HS. I'd really like to get you a car, a trip, something really nice. What will it be?" Son: "Well, dad. I have been reflecting after all of these years. I know I have been asking for ping pong balls every year, and this is probably bugging you ... I know it has been strange at times. And now I'd like to tell you that I'd appreciate your knowing how much I have appreciated it, and that I would like 5,000 more ping pong balls."

Tune in next time as son heads for college. This could be huge.

Update: Any one trying to "skip ahead" or tell purported "punch line" will find that it is suddenly hard to comment here. Banned. Yes, I believe in free speech, but ruining a good story ... that's where I draw the line.