Thursday, January 13, 2005

Liberalism lessons. Before the holidays are so distant of a memory ... an anecdote. Okay, the Cutter family loves the Salvation Army, especially this past Christmas when we had Target kicked the SA off the premises. When we see a bell-ringer, I generally clean out the Starbucks' change and we all put some in. Good fun. Well, we were a little shy on this day after every one dipped into the till, and my oldest was going to pitch in himself. But alas, he only had a bill ... and a 20 at that. He looked at me with that forlorn look. I want to, but ... not this much. My response? Well, being the good father that I am, I snatched the Ol' Hickory and headed for the pot. "Hey, Dad. What are you doing?" DC: "I am donating this for you. You will feel better and make a difference. Whatsamatter? Don't like liberalism?" With the charitable impulses now sufficiently squelched, I did return the bill. My oldest smiled that knowing, smart-aleck smile. Gosh, I wonder where he gets it. His mom is a pistol. Any way, he'll be ready to vote in '08.