Thursday, January 13, 2005

I was found by an old friend recently. And he has a blog. Check out Rogue Sun. Go by and say "hello". Rogue Sun has gone from fire-breathing Republican to I think he voted for Kerry ... Yikes. Must have gotten confused. But he and I have some mileage. And we're both black. Templates that is. Actually, we're brothers. I know some of you get confused by this stuff. Don't hurt yourselves. Here's a sampling of his always thought-provoking stuff:
So that there is clear understanding, I claim the right to live. It is not granted to me by international charter or international law. Hell, we can't even get 9 justices to agree to grant it to the littlest of us. But I claim it nonetheless. I do not recognize the right of anyone to take it, not the terrorist and not the mugger. It is the mugger who says, 'your money or your life,' and it is the terrorist who says 'your life because it is the will of Allah,' or something along those lines. I say the mugger and the terrorist have miscalculated. It's my money and my life and both men would best preserve theirs by being somewhere else. I respect the mugger over the terrorist. At least he does not claim divine inspiration for his actions.
Nice job, RS. Good to be back in touch. Blog on. Keep the faith.