Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Coming tomorrow ... You absolutely will not believe who I talked to ... I mean a real human conversation

Greetings, all. It is I, your faithful observer/correspondent/whooping twit. I will have some stuff up tomorrow about, among other things, a very interesting conversation that I had last night. No, it was not Laurie Dhue. I am talking about something really big.

Also, we are going to promo the blog of an old friend who tracked me down from another life. And ... I will give you some insight into DC's anti-liberalism training at my house over the holidays. Let's see ... what else? We'll have a bonus segment, too.

What's this? I see the inauguration is going forward next week, in spite of the recounts. Imagine that. My invitation came from John O'Neill, and he thanked me for my "whopping contributions that helped sink the USS Kerry." Is this proper? I don't know.

I think the mudslides and just continual bad news in this gloomy time of year (I hate Jan. and Feb.) means that WE NEED TO HAVE OUR NEXT INSTALLMENT OF YE OLDE GRAND PING PONG BALL TALE, as well.

So, it could be big. Then again ...

See you around tomorrow.