Thursday, January 06, 2005

Can we smile today? There's a ping pong ball in there somewhere.

Greetings, all. Well, how do we put this? The news is hard to read, at best. The tsunami death toll may ... double? Relief efforts continue, with Americans of course heavily involved. The world criticizes us, and frankly this just depresses me. So ... why don't we put bumper stickers on our cars ... "I gave $42.75 to tsunami relief. That's 75% of my weekly income." Enough of all of this.

Click on the World Vision link to the left to do something right now ... But, we must persevere and try to smile. Why? Well, maybe I will talk about that next week. Or maybe I will write on unexplained suffering ... wait, come back. Or maybe I will write on the unexplainable. Or maybe laughing in general.

But, we press on. One time, some guy appears out of the thin 'sphere and berated me for saying "press on" too much. I do say it a bit, but I have tried to cut back (in light of his thoughtful, one-time comment). So ... keep reading below. As for me, I am pressing on ...