Sunday, October 31, 2004


We've seen a long list of MSM horribles as they have desperately tried to bring about a Kerry Adminsration: the 9/11 hearings/Bush inquisition ... Fahrenheit 9/11 whitewash ... ignoring and then deriding the Swift Vets ... deriding and then attacking Pres. Bush's nat'l guard service with fake documents ... ignoring Kerry's war record and failing to call for a release of his military records ... ignoring Kerry's senate record ... ignoring Kerry's anti-American activities during the Viet Nam War ... the constant drum beat of negativism re: Iraq ... the "missing explosives" non-story that was planned to be sprung tonight ... the delay and then refusal to release the American al Qaeda tape ... etc.

But now we find that the MSM has only played a portion of the OBL tape, and the unplayed portion contains a blistering attack on our President and his relentless assault of al Qaeda. According to OBL, this assault has cramped his style big time. So, to the lying cowardly MSM, I repeat the call that is starting to grow from some of the forward observers: Release the tape!

Bonus Pic of the Authentic One ...

Before heading off to another black church ... Sen. Kerry shows off that form of a long line of Transylvanian QBs ... Our Minnesota friends at Power Line (from whence this jewel of a pic came from) noted the very nice form with the planted back foot.

And ... our Power Line friends also report the following happy news of righteousness advancing on this Sunday: The Swift Vets have made a very large $500,000 ad buy in Minnesota. Achors Aweigh, Baby!!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Daisy Film Fest is under way ....

Here's the deal. I have some suggested captions for a number of election-appropriate pics that I need to get up on the site. So ... you read, be inspired, and give me your best ... and do better than me. Here is our first pic, with a hearty thanks and hat tip to the Aging Divas for Bush:

In another early sign that the Kerry/Edwards voter registration drive may not be panning out, a Democrat early voter (clearly confused by ballot instructions) mistakenly casts his vote for Bush.

After searching for weeks in his tan tarmac sports jacket for a message and a campaign theme ... Sen. Kerry recently stumbled upon one.

"Come here, you little Cuban Republican. AHHHHH!!!! Help, Joe, Mike!! Help!!! The little &%$#@ is burning me with his ..... righteousness. AHHHHHHHH!!!"

Donning his "October Disguise", Sen. Kerry shows that in this election season, there is no chastity among geese.

Sen. Kerry: "I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. But, as for fooling around ... "

Sen. Kerry again manages in his own unique way to make every one around him uncomfortable while making himself look bad ... demonstrating the ridiculousness of the reports that Pres. Bush's IQ is indeed higher than Sen. Kerry's.

"Those Red Socks were fabulous. That big touchdown that Nixon ... that can't be his name, can it? ... well, that big point that he hit ... er, scored ... was really something ... 7-3 Red Socks".

Today's tarmac football game came to an abrupt end due to injury after Kerry quick-kicked and blasted a staffer in the crotch.

Showing the form that would make his Transylvanian grandmother proud, Thurston John Munster-Kerry hauls in the winning pass in yesterday's Demo intra-mural tarmac football game. Final score: Raging Leftist Appeaser Demos 21, Socialist Gay "Marriage"/Partial Birth Abortion Advocates 17. Kerry actually played for and scored for BOTH teams.

President Kerry praised the "Wiggles", as an example of how he would like to see PM Howard develop a new, more effective, better Australian Marine Corps.


Some inner city Democrats, such as this man, complained that local Republican officials had placed polling locations in locations in a clear attempt to suppress the vote.

Quick Kerry Update ... More than ever, we are reminded that a Kerry presidency would weaken our national security

Seeing OBL rise up out of the cave on tape yesterday reminded me ... John Kerry almost always seems to have critical things to say about America's and respectful things to say about America's enemies, unless there is a political angle. Does that sound harsh? Sorry, it's the record. Yesterday, as Kerry stopped playing catch on the tarmac, he flailed about regarding OBL, calling the his followers "barbarians". Seemed a bit contrived to me.

When America was at war with the Evil Empire in 1971, Kerry spoke very respectfully of the Communists. He even went to France, in a time of war, to try and negotiate with the enemy. From Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony, as reprinted in the "The New Soldier", we read:
"... I have been to Paris. I have talked with both delegations at the peace talks, that to say the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutional Government [i.e., the Communist murderers] and ... Madame Binh [another Communist sociopath] ..."
The Carnivorous Conservative is on the case, and he is going to D.C. for a big Swift Vets rally and ... apparently some important news on Sunday. So check out the Meat Eater, who also has up a link to Kerry's 1971 interview wherein he looks a little strange when asked about the status of his discharge.